Why I love My Hypnotherapy Practice

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Let me give you an example of why I love my hypnotherapy practice here in Brisbane so much.

A lovely lady in her early seventies, who I’ll refer to as P, came to see me seeking help with excessive anxiety. For as long as she could remember she had been ‘nervy’ and it was affecting every aspect of her life, particularly her relationship with her husband.

She had lived in Brisbane all her life and believed she had tried every option available in this city to help alleviate the anxiety – until her husband discovered hypnotherapy.

When they arrived at Hypnotherapy In Brisbane I sat with P and her husband and chatted for quite some time until she felt comfortable enough to start to explore this excessive anxiety on a deeper level.

What transpired was that P was brought up in a care home from a very young age following all kinds of abuse from her parents. She had formed a belief that she was not worthy of questioning the behaviour of other people, however detrimental their actions were to her.

This belief that P felt she just had to ‘put up and shut up’ with however she was treated by others had been created two fold. She knew her parents had been rather cruel to her at times and had voluntarily ‘given her away’, and the carers in the home really didn’t care for her very much at all. She had been abandoned by those that she should have been able to trust to take good care of her. She felt completely worthless. Over the years resentment grew into anxiety and she didn’t know what to do with it.

When she finally met her husband at a very young age she realized that there are good people in the world and started to finally enjoy life a little. However, there was one thing that peaked P’s anxiety more than anything else, and that was her husband’s untidiness. She felt unable to ask him to tidy up after himself as that old belief of lack of worthiness in asking somebody to do something for her preventing P from doing so.

This wasn’t a huge problem when she was younger because she just tidied up after him. She was used to this. However, as she got older she found she was physically able to do less and the resentment and anxiety grew to a screaming pitch.

With a lot of gentle but powerful work with hypnotherapy we were able to release that old belief and replace it with something that P had never felt before – self worth. She began to speak up for herself and ask her husband to tidy up after himself.

It took a little bit of effort for him to change his ways, but change his ways he did as he could see what a huge difference it was making to his wife.

He even created a special space just for P in their home where she could sit and relax and keep as tidy as she likes it to be!

Anxiety And Stress Brisbane

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Sadly, anxiety and stress are huge factors in the lives of so many people that live and work in Brisbane, and, indeed, globally.

It often creeps up on us slowly and covertly, so that by the time we recognise all the negative effects created by anxiety and stress, we are so firmly entwined with it that it feels like it’s strangling us.

The problem is that we tend to explain away the first tendencies of anxiety and stress as just being part of our every day lives, whether that may be a busy lifestyle at home or at work or both, dealing with difficult family members, friends or colleagues. Sometimes we simply can’t explain it at all. It’s just there, and if we don’t do something about it the symptoms just gets worse.

It may start with feelings or beliefs such as doubting oneself, not being good enough, unable to cope and then moving on to include physical discomforts such as tension, tightness, pain, shortness of breath. In a very short space of time we can have the manifestation of full blown anxiety and stress.

Here at my practice in Brisbane I fully endorse treating anxiety and stress in a number of ways. This includes not only introducing different strategies to help alleviate the symptoms, but to firstly address the cause of the symptoms, even if it’s not initially clear when those symptoms were created. There are no band aids in my office.

Anxiety and stress have been proven to be key contributors to serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, etc. It is essential to keep them under control in order to live a healthy life, both physically and emotionally. How do we do that?

Well, firstly, it is important to remember that small amounts of anxiety and stress can be acceptable. There is a big difference between awareness and preparation, and anxiety and stress. The problems start to occur when awareness and preparation go into overdrive. So it is vital to create a healthy balance. Not always easy when so many of us live such fast paced lives in big cities such as Brisbane.

If we can’t calm our lives down then we must calm our minds down, to bring things into proportion, to not over react, to find solutions to that which used to be problems. To create a healthier, happier mind and body.

Forgotten Childhood Memories

Angry Young Female When we look back over our childhood years there are so many good, indifferent and not so good memories for all of us.  Of course, the level of how intense these memories are vary from person to person.  This in turn dictates how we react to our memories, and how long they stay with us.

Sometimes, if the memories are too uncomfortable our subconscious mind goes into protector mode and blocks them out.  However, we are almost always left with the emotions associated with the memories, and then can’t understand why we react to certain people or events similar to those that created the emotions in the first place.

This was the case with G.  She presented in my clinic as a gorgeous, confident young lady in her mid twenties.  She had studied, travelled the world, had lots of global friends and a loving family.

All in her life seemed to be wonderful…… except for her anger.  She flew off the handle at the slightest thing, with her mother bearing the brunt of most of it.

In hypnosis we focused on where the feeling of anger was coming from, and after a little while the anger turned to frustration.  So we went to what created the frustration.  The frustration in turn became guilt.

We stayed with the feeling of guilt until we were sure that this was the initiating emotion.   G sat with this for a while, and was then amazed as a memory of her at school in Grade 2 popped up.  She had unintentionally hurt her friend’s finger and was now beside herself as her best friend cried in pain and her teacher was telling her off.

G tried to explain that it was an accident, she didn’t mean to hurt her friend.  Nobody was listening to her.  She felt that nobody understood her side, and therefore nobody understood her and how she felt.

This had created a heavy burden of guilt for G that she had carried all these years.  The guilt had created frustration in not being listened to and the frustration had created anger in that nobody saw things from her viewpoint.

It also explained why her mother was so heavily targeted by G.  She is the female authority figure in her life, which triggered subconscious memories of the other female authority figure in her life that was associated with the anger – her teacher.

When G realised where all the anger stemmed from she was able to understand that it wasn’t part of her life anymore and let it rest in the past where it belonged.

It was a huge relief for G and those around her – particularly her mother!

Listening to your own needs

Peaceful womanT came to see me for both a past life regression and a life between lives regression to help make sense of her longing to move to another part of the country.

She had visited many times and felt drawn to live there, but couldn’t quite make the final decision to do so.

She wanted to know if she had spent time there before, and whether it was the right time to return – or were there blockages to remove before she could be happy in that place?    Had she some lessons to learn first?  A regression was the place to discover answers to the questions that had plagued her for so long.

T and I traversed four lifetimes over two past life regressions and one life between lives regression.  During this journey a theme emerged of her caring for others in ways that drained her own energy and left her alone in the end.  What also became apparent was her love for cooler climates.

Interestingly, T cares for her husband in this lifetime and is the sole provider for her family.  Although she carries a heavy burden she feels her responsibility to her husband outweighs her own happiness and is afraid of him leaving her.

During the life between lives regression T was transported back to very early present life childhood when she was taking a bath with her 2 brothers.  She became aware of a memory of one of her brothers trying to drown her.  Her guide told her that this was an early opportunity offered by the Universe for T to learn  to put herself first, and when she realized that she chose to stay she felt great to say, “stuff you” to her brother!

T felt the immense, positive emotions that this act gave her and realised that this could have been her point of freedom.  Sadly, she decided that it was all too hard to continue in this vein and she reneged on the opportunity that could have allowed her to learn this lesson at a very young age.

Needless to say, her Guide was not best pleased,  but gently reassured T in that she would continue to work closely with her to finally overcome this lesson of putting others before herself.

Her guide transported her back to her immediate past life and T discovered that she had been the wife of a prominent doctor in the very part of the country that she yearns for.  Not only did she care for him, their children and his patients at the expense of her own health, but she lived in a much cooler part of the country, and when things got too much for her she enjoyed nothing more than the cool air soothing her aching body and over anxious mind.  The cool climate was the only thing that brought her comfort.

When T was before her Council of Elders during her life between lives regression she was told that now her Guide had brought her clarity it was up to her to decide what action she should take.  They said that she could choose to move to that southern part of the country without any guilt as not only would she find comfort there for herself, but her husband would too.

I recently heard from T, and she is currently applying for jobs in that area that she needs to be in.

Controlling Male Partner and Family In Crisis – How I broke through one man’s anxiety problems with counselling and hypnotherapy treatment

Controlling Relationships - treating the case Three years ago I was contacted by a man who was in desperate need of help. His wife was leaving him. Her problem with him was that he was too controlling of her, and at the time, he couldn’t see that he was a control freak. Indeed, he saw himself as a loving and kind husband and father that only ever wanted the best for his wife and children. He worked hard to please them.

His wife very clearly told him her reasons for leaving. “You just want to control every aspect of my life” she said to him as she made preparations to leave. My client came to me so distraught and in a state of disbelief around the breakup. He couldn’t accept what she was saying. And of course, he was feeling utterly devastated.

He also related to me how inharmonious things had always been at home. His children, three teenagers, were forever miserable and avoided him. I got the impression from things he related that he also tried to control his children as well.

During our first consultations I worked with him to help bring him relief and to try to accept the situation of their relationship breaking up.

Internet Dating

The next time I saw him, he’d met a woman online and once again found himself in a high state of anxiety and panic about the new relationship. Again I noticed how controlling he was being with this new relationship that had barely taken off. In fact he was so controlling, he wanted to control every aspect of it so that it didn’t end up like his last relationship.

That relationship ended after a short duration. That woman related to him that she found he was coming on too strong for her. She wanted to take things easier, and not get so serious too soon, but here he was, guns blazing, ready to commit to her and really really wanting to control the outcome.

By this time I could see that his control issues were really wrecking all the relationships in his life, not just with the new women he met, but with his children as well.

Again we worked on bringing about comfort and relief from the shock of it all being over too soon. And then I tried to get to the bottom of what was causing my client to display such controlling behavior in his life.

Working With Someone with Control Issues

When I say ‘control freak’ I mean it. As his Therapist he even tried to control me. He’d do that by interupting me, by trying to control the outcome of the sessions to what he wanted, and I found that I had to be very firm with him to keep him on track. One time I even had to ask him to leave because he made the session impossible. Over time I built up trust with him by making him realise that even though he couldn’t control me that I would always be there when he needed me. At some point later that finally got through to him.

Past Life Therapy

I interviewed this client many times over our sessions but I could never find a connection from his past that would make him behave in such a controlling manner with such extreme behavior and fear.

I even did a few Past Life Therapy sessions with him and couldn’t find anything from a past life that would explain such abnormal behavior.

Enter the next relationship

The next time I saw him, he had started seeing a new lady that he felt had some potential.

Again he came to me for help because he didn’t want to mess things up. He wanted help controlling the outcome. Again he wanted to go in too much, too soon because that is what he does with new relationships. I tried to convince him not to do that, and to take things slowly.

Again we recommenced sessions to work through the same issue again. I tried to work with him about not needing to control her by coming on too strong and demanding committment too soon.

I also had the fortunate experience to meet with her, not because of his issues, but she’d been severely hurt by her past and found it useful to undergo her own counselling and hypnotherapy sessions for her own benefit.

As I got to know her, it became very clear that because of her past, she really wanted to take things very slowly with my male patient. Knowing that, confidentially, I could really encourage him in our sessions to slow things down.

The breakthrough story

Then one day, when having a session with him, he told me a story that finally made sense. A story of why he needed to control all the relationships in his life, particularly the the one’s closest to him such as wife/love partner and his children.

The day he almost drowned as a small child

When my client was a young boy, he was swimming in the river with his older brother. His older brother had also bullied him ever since he could remember and yet his parents did nothing to stop it.

Anyway this day while they were swimming, his older brother jumped on him in the water and held him down under the water until my client felt that his lungs would burst. He somehow managed to break free and get a breath, and got pushed straight under again. He told me that he remembers quite clearly thinking he was going to die that day. He could feel his head going light as he was running out of air. Finally the brother released his hold on him and allowed him up. My small boy client then vomited up water almost choking to death as he tried to gasp for air. When he went home and told his parents what his brother had done to him, it was laughed off by his parents, as if it was just a bit of playful and harmless school boy fun. They told him to “get over it”.

It was at this point that I realised why my client was a control freak. That day, through no fault of his own, as a child with no defenses against a bully older brother he was unable to control the situation. His brother had taken all his personal power away from him. And it was done by someone who he only ever wanted to be close to.

This would be a highly traumatising event for any child or adult to experience. And to not have any sympathy or protection from his parents, the small boy never healed on the inside from that experience.

His natural survival instincts kicked in and as he went through the rest of his life, and got older his natural instincts for survival were on high alert (read anxiety) about all the close relationships in his life. Unconsciously he thought he had to control the people in his life so that they couldn’t hurt him. But sadly, it had the reverse affect. The more he tried to control people, the more he pushed them out of his life.

When I say “unconscious behavior” I mean that the client does not have any knowledge that this is how they behave.

When I asked him if he could see how that traumatic event had created his control issues, he said he never ever thought about that because what he remembered most from that event was a feeling of sadness that his brother had done all that to him, and that they never got close.

In fact, in their adult life, they never made amends with each other, and the relationship continued to be inharmonious as it was when they were children.

How I treat traumatic events with Hypnotherapy

Once we had uncovered this huge event, I could then go to work on him, and really start to work with him through Hypnotherapy.

How I did that with him is that I took him back to that event under Hypnosis, and I got him to see as an adult that none of that was his fault. He saw that to keep himself safe from his brother, he later on developed a pattern of trying to please his brother, and how that then began to translate itself into his adult relationships and his relationships with his children. My client began to unravel the pattern and see it from an adult perspective.

Once he could see that as an adult, I then went to work with him through hypnosis to end the bad energy that had been following him around like a dark shadow ever since that day.

Trauma creates bad energy. It creates fear, it creates hate, anger and grief and left untreated, it grows into an energy of it’s own. Its there with you, you don’t know why you feel the way you do, but somewhere down deep, this bad energy is living a pretty happy life of it’s own, robbing you of any happiness.

I help my clients release their bad energy under hypnosis by going back to the event and leaving it all back there in the past where it belongs.

I also work with them on releasing the emotions and leaving them in the past.

I explain to them that when something like that happens, and is then treated with hypnosis, the bad energy of the time will go away, but the memory will always be there, but it’s not attached to the emotions or the bad energy anymore. This then frees my clients to move on, and live in the present, free of the past literally ‘haunting’ them in one way or another.

In my client’s case, his past haunted him by turning him into a control freak to keep him safe and away from an unconscious danger he was not even aware was affecting him to this present day.


Building A New Life With Losing Weight And Gaining Confidence

14857362_sS came to see me in my practice in Brisbane just over three years ago. He was a pleasant young man of 22 who was very overweight and very unhappy.

He was working for an extremely unpleasant boss in a job that he loathed. He was bored, frustrated and was showing the first classical symptoms of depression. The fact that he weighed far more than he should have didn’t help one bit.

S felt that he was suffocating under the excessive weight and the control of his boss but had no idea how to make changes.

He had always been given large portions of food from childhood and was ingrained in the overeating habit that was now inhibiting his life. Add to that the social life of a popular young man which included indulging in fast food and copious amounts of beer on a regular basis with his mates and hey presto – a recipe for disaster.

Of course there was also the comfort eating that S craved to sooth away the discomfort of his bullying boss and lack lustre job.

We began by breaking all those old unhealthy eating and drinking habits that had inhibited his energy, self-esteem, happiness and motivation with hypnotherapy. We also focused on some regular gym sessions as he particularly liked the idea of the gym but felt too uncomfortable to go. S began to lose weight consistently and steadily. As the kilos dropped off he felt his confidence beginning to soar. He was looking good and feeling good.

When S was truly convinced that changes were taking place both in body and mind he became determined to do whatever it would take to help him succeed. He started to study nutrition and the benefits of healthy food. This made him feel he was making a big contribution to his weight loss – and, of course, he was. He took great pride in sharing with me all his new found knowledge and how he was putting it to good use.

The weight continued to drop, but he was still unhappy at work. So whilst keeping his weight loss buoyant we focused on his lack of confidence. Once he was able to realise what great inroads he had made with his weight, and continued to do so, his self- belief began to rise and with great delight he eventually handed in his notice.

At this point S had no other job to go to, but was determined to move forward to a more positive future.

He decided to study. His subjects of choice? Personal training and nutrition!

S worked very hard and was extremely motivated, knowing that he could achieve whatever he set out to achieve. He got his qualifications and began working as a personal trainer in his local gym.

His weight continued to level out and his confidence grew.

Today he lives in Melbourne and is an active partner in a gym in Melbourne.


Psychiatrist seeks therapy for depression with hypnotherapy

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I recently had an email from an eminent psychiatrist who was looking for answers to a number of issues that he had been unable to resolve with conventional therapy.  He had been aware of depression creeping up on him for some time.

He enjoyed his job immensely, was extremely successful, financially comfortable, was well liked and respected amongst his peers and patients and had a loving, happy marriage.  He took exotic holidays, lived in a beautiful home and enjoyed all the creature comforts in life that he wished to indulge in.

However, there were some areas that impinged on this good life, including an overriding discomfort of being amongst people and doubting himself, despite his obvious success.    These issues were causing a reasonable amount of depression and anxiety that stopped him from enjoying his life to the full.  He had even moved to a smaller town to be away from lots of people, and refused to socialise.

Having failed to find answers within his own field of expertise to overcome this depression he decided to look outside the box and consider clinical hypnotherapy as a possible means of finding the peace and clarity that he was seeking.

We had a chat on the phone, exchanged a few more emails and agreed that hypnotherapy was a very viable route to take.    We set a date and time for him to fly into Brisbane for his treatment.

When my psychiatrist arrived he was very tense and anxious.  Apparently he had been like this since boarding his flight the evening before (dreading the possibility of the person sitting next to him striking up a conversation), during his night in a local hotel and in the taxi on his way to my clinic here in Brisbane.

He had never experienced anything like clinical hypnotherapy before, although he had researched it, of course, and was rather sceptical at it having any significant effect on something as severe as depression.  Subsequently he initially found it very difficult to move out of his logical way of thinking and even begin to relax just a little.  Eventually I made certain observations that indicated he was starting to let go and enjoy a beautiful state of hypnosis.   Wonderful!

However, this lovely man found it extremely difficult to relinquish the control of his logical mind to allow access to the area of his mind where we needed to be.  Perfectly understandable given the nature of his profession.  Eventually I suggested that he simply imagine answers to the questions that I was asking and he found this acceptable, although I knew he was doubting my reasoning behind this. That was until I reminded him that even if he was using his imagination, and it was no more than that, something had put the information into his imagination.

This was the trigger we needed to create free flow.  He was able to honour his logical mind with accepting that all his thoughts and words were filtering through his imagination whilst at the same time allowing the possibility that the content of these thoughts and words were initiated from elsewhere.

It took a while for my psychiatrist to settle into this new experience.  Once he was able to disregard all reasonable doubt it quickly became apparent where the beliefs surrounding the depression and anxiety were lying and with great understanding and acceptance together we were able to resolve them.

There had been problems of unjust behaviour with colleagues in the past and this had led to my psychiatrist to slowly build a protecting wall between not only himself and future colleagues, but people in general .  The way he was treated had caused him to second guess himself.  He was the minority – were they right and he wrong?

There was a wonderful sense of emotional release where he was able to experience that ‘ah ha’ moment that led to a powerful breakthrough.  This was when everything made sense and he was able to heal and move forward in a more balanced and happy way.

He told me afterwards that once he ‘really got into it’ he didn’t want to come’ out if it’.  He also said that as much as he had enjoyed it he felt that his experience of clinical hypnotherapy was not something that he would be sharing with his colleagues at the hospital…….

My psychiatrist emailed me when he got home to tell me that he was feeling much more happy and peaceful, he had had a great conversation with the cabbie all the way to Brisbane airport and enjoyed his return flight.

The Art of Quitting Smoking With Hypnotherapy

Quit Smoking with Marie Benton, Clinical Hypnotherapist BrisbaneIt’s no mean feat to quit smoking.  Many have tried before you and many will try after.  To quit smoking permanently without hypnosis is like trying to extinguish a raging fire with a child’s water pistol.  To quit smoking permanently with hypnotherapy is like turning that water pistol into the largest water cannon you could ever imagine, with a never ending supply.

Smoking is not only one of life’s most addictive habits, but it’s also one of the most socially acceptable habits – and it kills!  So there is a great paradox surrounding smoking.  One the one hand you can find somewhere to indulge in a cigarette practically anywhere, but on the other hand you can be aware of advertisements and billboards screaming at us that smoking damages our health.

So it’s no wonder that I see so many people here in my clinic in Brisbane that seem to be rather confused about quitting smoking.  They know that it’s unhealthy and expensive, but they also know that it’s an integral part of their social life that they have just not been able to let go of.

When deciding to quit smoking for good it’s a good idea to write down all the reasons to quit smoking and all the reasons to not quit smoking.  Of course, the first list will heavily outweigh the second, but that’s not enough to quit, although you’re unsure why.  There’s still something else.

When we try to identify that elusive ‘something else’ ourselves we come up against a brick wall.  Even if we know why we started smoking in the first place we’re unable to make sense of why we continue to do so against our will.  It’s like the smoking habit has some sort of control or hold over us that we just don’t understand.

The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it breaks through the wall and reveals that ‘something else’ in all of it’s glory.  Once this happens the remainder of the wall comes tumbling down and releases the hidden hook that has anchored in that old smoking habit so tightly for so long.  The old way of being just floats away, leaving a clear path through the ruins of the wall to allow you to move forward in the way that you choose, quitting smoking and becoming a permanent non-smoker with no cravings.

Just experiencing hypnotherapy is very pleasant and relaxing. Placing yourself in the hands of a highly trained clinical hypnotherapist at the same time, knowing they have the expertise to help you quit smoking for good, is doubly beneficial.  Enjoyment and healing all rolled into one.

Physical Surgery v Emotional Surgery Using Hypnotherapy

There are many reasons for wanting to lose excess weight. These may include health reasons, wanting to wear nicer clothes, having more energy, looking more attractive and taking care of your future health and fitness to ensure that you’ll be around to spend a longer time with your loved ones.

There are usually a lot of emotional issues such as self-worth and self-confidence associated with losing excessive weight too, and this is the area that creates such a huge difference between physical lap banding surgery and emotional lap banding surgery using clinically trialled advanced clinical hypnotherapy techniques.

Numerous people that have had a lap band physically fitted have turned to clinical hypnotherapy as their very last option to try to lose weight. Despite their surgery being deemed successful they have been disappointed to find that they were still struggling with their shape and size. Some may have lost a few kilos, some would have lost hardly any.

Those that I have worked with in my practice in Brisbane have found that although their eating habits may have changed to some degree they were still unable to achieve a significant weight loss. In all cases, without exception, this was because their emotional issues had not been properly addressed. They had been surgically ‘fixed’ but not emotionally ‘fixed’.

As an advanced clinical hypnotherapist I recognise that when there are no medical reasons to prevent realising and maintaining a healthy shape and size, weight is usually a symptom of an underlying emotional condition. The activating cause, whether it be purely an unhealthy eating habit or a more complex emotional issue that is causing the body to hang on to excessive weight for comfort and/or protection, is addressed first and foremost.

When the cause is removed the symptoms simply melt away. There is no longer any reason for them to remain. This is holistic healing. Taking care of the body and mind as one whole being.

Once the mind is soothed and healed it very quickly begins to recognise just how much the whole being enjoys a much happier and healthier lifestyle and craves for more of the same!

Courtesy of the power of your subconscious mind once the lap band is hypnotically fitted the messages that go Adjustable band for weight loss surgerybetween the stomach and the brain are that your stomach is the size of a golf ball. This allows you to feel fuller much quicker and to stay feeling full for much longer.

My weight loss programme here in Brisbane is designed specifically for the need of each individual. We all live our lives in different ways and each of the four sessions is tailored to your exact requirements.


Kate Middleton Uses Hypnotherapy for Acute Morning Sickness

The Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy hit the headlines in a frenzy of publicity when she was admitted to hospital in London in her first trimester suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. Though morning sickness is common, Kate’s condition was rare and much more severe. Whilst 70 to 80 percent of women get morning sickness during pregnancy just 1 to 2 percent of women experience hyperemesis gravidarum, which involves more than just an upset stomach but may also include an extreme and persistent feeling of nausea, along with vomiting, which can lead to dehydration.

There are reports that Kate turned to hypnotherapy to help remove negative thoughts she had towards food and replace them with cravings for healthy, nutritious food.

Studies have found encouraging results in hypnotherapy as a treatment, and anecdotal evidence suggests that hypnotherapy can indeed help women that find themselves in a similar situation, especially when so few treatment options exist for acute morning sickness.

Hypnotherapy relaxes the mind, which allows the subject to be more open and receptive to positive suggestions. Since morning sickness conditions the brain to associate food with nausea, hypnotherapy could recondition that response by changing the way somebody thinks about food. Rather than saying you’re going to get nauseous, you’re saying the food you see from this point on is going to be very nutritious, it’s going to taste good and it’s going to lead to a healthy, positive pregnancy.

Who knows, Kate may well be continuing with hypnotherapy as her pregnancy progresses, as she blooms so very healthily!