Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation and concentration, which is often described as a state of parallel awareness or an altered state of consciousness.  We actually slip into this state many times a day without even realising it.

Have you ever been driving your car and wondered how you got to that particular point, or been so engrossed in a book or a TV programme that you have become oblivious of everything around you?  Then you’ve already experienced the hypnotic trance state.

During trance the mind is focused within and is more open and receptive than when fully awake. This enables the free flow of incoming information whilst the mind keeps us safe at all times with it’s infinite learned knowledge.

When in trance we remain permanently in control and cannot be persuaded to do anything against our wishes, values or beliefs. This is due to the mind having the overwhelming task of permanently protecting us from any perceived danger, which allows us to relax and let go safely and comfortably.

It is at this point that positive changes can be promoted within people.  This is the area where hypnotherapy plays a vital role in helping us to live the lives that we truly want to live by bringing about lasting changes that we may have been struggling with for many years.  Results are often life changing.

In a similar vein, hypnotic regression has proved to be extremely successful in unlocking memories buried deep within the mind.  We may be completely unaware of these memories.  However, they still have an impact on our day to day life, perhaps creating a debilitating emotional and/or physical imbalance.

By regressing back through time it is possible to gain a greater understanding of the origins of these memories and allow healing to take place.  This healing is washed throughout one’s entire lifeline, encompassing all incarnations – past, present and future.

Deep hypnotic regression also allows us to find hidden memories of existence in the soul state between those incarnations.

This is where we experience complete freedom of the constraints of our human existence and gain insightful knowledge of how we spend our time in between lives, to rediscover who we truly are and reaffirm our life’s purpose.