Thank you agin for such a powerfully life enhancing experience today, Marie.  Love and blessings to you.

– Rob

Marie is like a warm and comforting blanket. She is all 10 people in those circles that throw you into the air and catch you and when you land on her, she feels like that soft downy comfort blanket that only grandma can give (he is not saying you are a grandma, just that you give him so much comfort).

– Amanda and Dan

“You are beyond amazing.  I cannot put into words just how grateful I am and how you help me change my life in the most wondrous ways ever.” 

–  V.

Over the last two years I put on 25kg of weight through comfort eating.  The more I put on the harder I found it to stop over eating.  The I read an advert for Hypnotic Gastric Banding.  By this stage in my life I was desperate to lose weight due to several health and personal issues and I thought it was time I did something about it.  I am no spring chicken being 68 years old and I thought it would be difficult to lose weight.  Boy, was I wrong!  Not only have I lost 5.5kg in the last three weeks, I also have my mojo back and am exercising every day, never feel hungry and don’t spend my day thinking about food.  Thank you so much Marie for giving me back my life.

– Maureen

Can I just say there are a lot of people who do not believe in hypnosis.  I myself had never tried it before but I wanted more than anything to stop smoking and I wanted a quick fix which was not going to turn me into a monster.  I went to Marie with an open mind and I have to say I am over the moon happy with the results as I am now a non-smoker after just one session.  Marie gave me a CD to listen to as well, but I found I only needed it in the first week and not every day.  I am 51 years of age and I had smoked for the last 30 odd years, it’s so nice to finally have a healthier me.  I occasionally have a thought for a smoke but as quick as it happens it’s gone.  I have not touched a smoke since going to Marie.  If you REALLY want to quit then this is definitely the ideal way to do it.

– Roberta

From the moment I sat down in Marie’s practice, I felt an almost magnetic energy in the room and could feel a sort of magic emanating from Marie – I sensed my life regression experience would be equally magical. My soul’s connection to Marie brought me to tears – sweet tears of gratitude, love and recognition. I knew I was about to embark on a very special journey in the next three hours.

Initially, I had intended to undergo a Past Life Regression; however, my journey into the subconscious turned out to be a Life Between Lives Regression. I am very grateful for the change of direction. During my experience, I discovered the true maturity of my soul, where I’ve been, where I was headed and, most importantly, what blockages I’d have to release in order to get there.

I encountered my Nirvana, which was under water – the place where I rest with my spirit guides. Reliving one of my earlier incarnations as an insect evoked a lost feeling of stillness and peace in me that I found extremely healing in my present condition. We also worked in discovering the significance of relationships I have with important people in my life – what I uncovered has released me from feeling captive in certain spiritual contracts with people that I am now ready to leave behind in my journey.

After my hypnosis, I felt a heightened understanding of who I am and can become. The confirmation I received from this higher knowledge gave me a sense of true, sound self- esteem and purpose. I was loath to end my session for fear that I’d lose this newfound wisdom. But, Marie correctly assured me that this would be the first of many self-realisations to come.

I cannot praise Marie enough for her talent and ability to read my experiences and facilitate me to reach the clarity, and feeling of completeness I was desperately seeking. I owe my revelations to Marie for creating such a feeling of safeness that allowed me to let go and explore the deep crevices of my past and ‘between pasts’.

I hope this will be the first of many future sessions I have with Marie.

– Georgiana

It’s been seven months since I saw you for my past life regression and my life is unrecognisable. I experienced changes almost immediately following the session—you helped me release blocks I had held onto my whole life.  Let me explain…

I was surprised in the session to spend some time on a fear of pregnancy and motherhood. I honestly didn’t realise I had felt that way until we went back to a past life where all I wanted was to study and write and having a child severely limited my options. In this life, I had resented my child during the pregnancy but then come to love him fiercely as I raised him. I resented my husband trapping me in a domestic life where I couldn’t use my intellect. I resented my parents. I resented society. I died an old woman, addicted to laudanum and completely numb to herself and the world. 

When I left the session, so many things made sense – my constant anxiety about falling pregnant, thinking a baby would ‘ruin’ my life, the endometriosis I had developed, how long it took me to meet my husband, my fear of writing and my constant changing of university degrees. I felt my soul had been starving in this previous life and in this life I found myself at a buffet. Quite simply I was overwhelmed and trying to ‘taste’ every experience I could before my time at the table was up.

I left your office no longer afraid of writing or children. I signed up for an online journalism course and I fatefully told my husband I was open to the idea of having a family sooner than we had planned. We still wanted to be careful but my thinking had changed from ‘one day’ to ‘one day soon’. The very next cycle I had after I saw you, I fell pregnant entirely by accident. We were a little scared but I was actually thrilled. Every day I spoke to that life within me, amazed and delighted that it had turned up.

Then, in November, I had a miscarriage. For a few months I felt lost and depressed. But then, one night, I felt the overwhelming urge to write about it. I poured a glass of wine, opened my laptop and wrote an article. That night, for the very first time, I submitted my work to a publisher – and Mamamia bought it the very next day. That little baby who never was, helped me to realise my greatest dream. Since then, I have had four articles published in online publications and print magazines and am making moves to leave my finance job for journalism in the next three months. My husband is going well and he is so supportive.

Before I met you, I was afraid. Afraid of being a mum. Afraid of being a writer and using my voice. You helped me become fully open to my life—to all the beauty and all the pain I could experience. I held so much of myself back before my past life regression and now I am so much more authentically myself.

– Annie

Before seeing Marie for a life between lives regression I was at a point where I had a lot of questions in relation to my truth and purpose in this lifetime, as I had been experiencing new things in mediation that I didn’t quite understand.

It was the first time I had met Marie, but I instantly connected with her and trusted the guided process of exploration.

Marie is extremely intuitive and skilled and guided me in a safe way to a deeper understanding of the truth of who I really am and what my purpose is in this lifetime.

Marie has a unique gift and ability to connect with higher vibrational realms and is able to help newly awakened people like myself to clear energies, & gain clarity of their path.

Marie held a space of love, warmth and trust for me to explore the energy of truth & I was given closure & answers in a way that was right for me.

I left with a knowingness that I am on the right path and able to ’surrender’ even more and have absolute trust that everything is as it should be, and everything is going to be OK.

Thank you Marie!  

– Geraldine

“I am grateful for the work that Marie has done with me in our sessions together. In the past year I have been able to stop smoking. It is incredible and awesome to be set free from a behaviour that I knew had to be healed from a deep place. By gently guiding and nurturing me to an understanding of my own awareness, Marie helped me release the fears that kept me stuck and blocked. The benefits of these sessions have brought a deep sense of health and ease to my being. Thank you for your generosity and helping me when I didn’t think that I could help myself. You are an angel.”

– Kathy M

I know Marie Benton in a personal and professional capacity. We have been students together in various hypnotherapy courses, and she has also treated me for a medical condition using Reiki and hypnotherapy with rapid and long lasting success. To be able to treat a colleague whilst continuing a friendship is not easy as sometimes the two areas can conflict. Marie was able to do both. She has genuine empathy for her clients without becoming overwhelmed by their sometimes very complex life issues. She is honest about all aspects of her treatment including pricing, the number of treatments needed and the chances of success. Marie treats a wide variety of issues including diagnosed medical conditions such as depression and obesity, lifestyle issues such as stress, and all addictions ranging from smoking to heroin addiction. I have no hesitation in recommending that you walk into her clinic and talk to her about a hypnotherapy or Reiki treatment. You will meet a warm and professional person who will make a difference in your life.

– Candice

When I first decided to make an appointment with Marie for hypnotherapy I was depressed and probably close to a breakdown. After the first hypnotherapy appointment with Marie there is no other way to describe the outcome but “amazing” – it was like flicking a switch! Marie helped me detach from feelings of hurt, betrayal and grieving which I had been distressed with for months. After my second session of hypnotherapy in which Marie worked on my self-confidence, my personal life and career have taken an extraordinary turn for the better and my feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence have improved significantly. I feel in total control of my life and powering ahead! I can’t thank Marie enough for her help and ongoing support. Thanks again!  

– Ray

I’ve known Marie Benton for almost four years.  When I first met her I was a fragmented person trying, without success, to keep my life together.  There were unresolved childhood issues which still haunted me, the sudden death of my sister and major depression.  Marie started treating me with Reiki, progressing on to regular treatments of both Reiki and hypnotherapy.  I found Reiki instantly helpful in dealing with my grief.  It helped to release all my negative feelings and to relax.  The hypnotherapy helped me be positive and to see some hope for myself.  Marie gently guided me through a lot of issues, to reach out with courage, to believe in myself, to embrace life.  Much has changed for me through Marie.  I am happy, I feel strong and positive now, with a bright world for me to be part of.  Marie has also been a great influence and support in my return to work after many years.  I am fortunate indeed to have met Marie.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to other people who wish to improve, change or deal with life’s issues and grow as a result.

– Mary

I have struggled with my weight since my teens and over the years have tried many different diets.  Nothing takes, I lose the weight quickly and early but then plateau and put the weight straight back on.  With Marie I have been able to change my eating habits and make changes that I can live with for the rest of my life.  The weight continues to drop, slowly but surely, every week.  I have more energy and am sleeping much better.  Thank you, Marie.

– Paul

It’s often forgotten that it’s not just the person with the weight issues that is affected, it affects everyone that loves them.  My husband has struggled with his weight as long as I have known him.  We have tried so many different options but nothing has worked in the long term.  Before Marie, I was so concerned for his health that I couldn’t sleep at night.  I saw an immediate change in him mentally as soon as he started the program, his attitude toward food changed literally overnight.  He used Marie’s CD every night as he was going to bed and not only did he quickly adopt the healthy eating habits but he was also sleeping more soundly.  Another pleasant ‘side effect’ from the program was that he also stopped snoring.  Marie’s treatment has literally changed his life and that of mine and our children.  He has energy to play with them and they are so proud of him.  He continues to drop the weight consistently every week.  Thank you, Marie.

– Ruth

Lapband Hypnotherapy – well that’s something I hadn’t thought of doing until after I had seen it on a TV program in a ‘group’ situation.  I wanted to know more.  I realised my mind needed to be ‘fixed’ before I could move on to successfully losing weight.  However, I still hesitated, still making excuses of “not enough time” – “too far to travel” etc.  Then one day I saw an advertisement in a local magazine for lapband hypnotherapy and I phoned Marie.  After a discussion on the phone, she confidently told me that she could help me.  My visits to Marie were comfortable and very friendly.  I was amazed at the process of hypnotism and how quickly it could work for me.  Having a ‘sweet tooth’ was (and always has been) a problem for me.  After the first visit to Marie I came home and friends visited.  I was amazed, I didn’t NEED to have a biscuit and I wasn’t putting on a brave face.  WOW.  I have now lost 10kg and still done all the things life calls for, ie, parties, special occasions, and I have never felt “I’m on a diet – pangs of guilt”.  Thank you very much, Marie.

– Glenys