Listening to your own needs

May 2016

Peaceful womanT came to see me for both a past life regression and a life between lives regression to help make sense of her longing to move to another part of the country.

She had visited many times and felt drawn to live there, but couldn’t quite make the final decision to do so.

She wanted to know if she had spent time there before, and whether it was the right time to return – or were there blockages to remove before she could be happy in that place?    Had she some lessons to learn first?  A regression was the place to discover answers to the questions that had plagued her for so long.

T and I traversed four lifetimes over two past life regressions and one life between lives regression.  During this journey a theme emerged of her caring for others in ways that drained her own energy and left her alone in the end.  What also became apparent was her love for cooler climates.

Interestingly, T cares for her husband in this lifetime and is the sole provider for her family.  Although she carries a heavy burden she feels her responsibility to her husband outweighs her own happiness and is afraid of him leaving her.

During the life between lives regression T was transported back to very early present life childhood when she was taking a bath with her 2 brothers.  She became aware of a memory of one of her brothers trying to drown her.  Her guide told her that this was an early opportunity offered by the Universe for T to learn  to put herself first, and when she realized that she chose to stay she felt great to say, “stuff you” to her brother!

T felt the immense, positive emotions that this act gave her and realised that this could have been her point of freedom.  Sadly, she decided that it was all too hard to continue in this vein and she reneged on the opportunity that could have allowed her to learn this lesson at a very young age.

Needless to say, her Guide was not best pleased,  but gently reassured T in that she would continue to work closely with her to finally overcome this lesson of putting others before herself.

Her guide transported her back to her immediate past life and T discovered that she had been the wife of a prominent doctor in the very part of the country that she yearns for.  Not only did she care for him, their children and his patients at the expense of her own health, but she lived in a much cooler part of the country, and when things got too much for her she enjoyed nothing more than the cool air soothing her aching body and over anxious mind.  The cool climate was the only thing that brought her comfort.

When T was before her Council of Elders during her life between lives regression she was told that now her Guide had brought her clarity it was up to her to decide what action she should take.  They said that she could choose to move to that southern part of the country without any guilt as not only would she find comfort there for herself, but her husband would too.

I recently heard from T, and she is currently applying for jobs in that area that she needs to be in.