Physical Surgery v Emotional Surgery Using Hypnotherapy

Oct 2013

There are many reasons for wanting to lose excess weight. These may include health reasons, wanting to wear nicer clothes, having more energy, looking more attractive and taking care of your future health and fitness to ensure that you’ll be around to spend a longer time with your loved ones.

There are usually a lot of emotional issues such as self-worth and self-confidence associated with losing excessive weight too, and this is the area that creates such a huge difference between physical lap banding surgery and emotional lap banding surgery using clinically trialled advanced clinical hypnotherapy techniques.

Numerous people that have had a lap band physically fitted have turned to clinical hypnotherapy as their very last option to try to lose weight. Despite their surgery being deemed successful they have been disappointed to find that they were still struggling with their shape and size. Some may have lost a few kilos, some would have lost hardly any.

Those that I have worked with in my practice in Brisbane have found that although their eating habits may have changed to some degree they were still unable to achieve a significant weight loss. In all cases, without exception, this was because their emotional issues had not been properly addressed. They had been surgically ‘fixed’ but not emotionally ‘fixed’.

As an advanced clinical hypnotherapist I recognise that when there are no medical reasons to prevent realising and maintaining a healthy shape and size, weight is usually a symptom of an underlying emotional condition. The activating cause, whether it be purely an unhealthy eating habit or a more complex emotional issue that is causing the body to hang on to excessive weight for comfort and/or protection, is addressed first and foremost.

When the cause is removed the symptoms simply melt away. There is no longer any reason for them to remain. This is holistic healing. Taking care of the body and mind as one whole being.

Once the mind is soothed and healed it very quickly begins to recognise just how much the whole being enjoys a much happier and healthier lifestyle and craves for more of the same!

Courtesy of the power of your subconscious mind once the lap band is hypnotically fitted the messages that go Adjustable band for weight loss surgerybetween the stomach and the brain are that your stomach is the size of a golf ball. This allows you to feel fuller much quicker and to stay feeling full for much longer.

My weight loss programme here in Brisbane is designed specifically for the need of each individual. We all live our lives in different ways and each of the four sessions is tailored to your exact requirements.