Why Do We Need To Access The Subconscious Mind?

Aug 2012

We have two minds.  We have our conscious mind, which is our logical, everyday mind, and we have our subconscious mind, which is where all the belief systems, thought patterns and habits live.   So that’s where we need to go to access the key to change that mindset for good.

You would have already used your conscious mind to try to make the desired changes before coming to see me, but because the subconscious is by far the most powerful of the two, the changes made at this level can be fairly superficial in comparison and therefore only last a short while.

When we get the subconscious on side, you go forward in a much more powerful way as both minds come together and work in conjunction with each other as opposed to against each other, because our subconscious mind is our protector, carer and comforter and will overpower our conscious mind every time.  It’s so powerful that it cares for us without us even having to think about it.  It’s the autonomy in us.  It’s the part that keeps us blinking, breathing, digesting, walking, etc, all automatically.

However, it can only act upon learned knowledge.  So, if we repeat a set pattern of behaviour over a long period of time, such as smoking, unhealthy eating, feeling anxious or depressed for instance, that builds into a thought pattern, a belief system, that builds into the habit.  Your subconscious mind believes that this is what you really want because you’ve done it for so long, and because it always works in what it believes to be for our best and highest good then it will do whatever it takes to maintain that habit, even though the logic of your conscious mind recognises that now is the time to change.  Hence us only being able to do so much for ourselves, because when we’re working on ourselves we’re working with our conscious mind and we need somebody else to take us down to the depth of the subconscious to make permanent changes.

Once those changes are made the noticeable differences can be profound almost immediately, usually anywhere between one and four treatments.