Why I love My Hypnotherapy Practice

Marie Benton-31
Sep 2018

Let me give you an example of why I love my hypnotherapy practice here in Brisbane so much.

A lovely lady in her early seventies, who I’ll refer to as P, came to see me seeking help with excessive anxiety. For as long as she could remember she had been ‘nervy’ and it was affecting every aspect of her life, particularly her relationship with her husband.

She had lived in Brisbane all her life and believed she had tried every option available in this city to help alleviate the anxiety – until her husband discovered hypnotherapy.

When they arrived at Hypnotherapy In Brisbane I sat with P and her husband and chatted for quite some time until she felt comfortable enough to start to explore this excessive anxiety on a deeper level.

What transpired was that P was brought up in a care home from a very young age following all kinds of abuse from her parents. She had formed a belief that she was not worthy of questioning the behaviour of other people, however detrimental their actions were to her.

This belief that P felt she just had to ‘put up and shut up’ with however she was treated by others had been created two fold. She knew her parents had been rather cruel to her at times and had voluntarily ‘given her away’, and the carers in the home really didn’t care for her very much at all. She had been abandoned by those that she should have been able to trust to take good care of her. She felt completely worthless. Over the years resentment grew into anxiety and she didn’t know what to do with it.

When she finally met her husband at a very young age she realized that there are good people in the world and started to finally enjoy life a little. However, there was one thing that peaked P’s anxiety more than anything else, and that was her husband’s untidiness. She felt unable to ask him to tidy up after himself as that old belief of lack of worthiness in asking somebody to do something for her preventing P from doing so.

This wasn’t a huge problem when she was younger because she just tidied up after him. She was used to this. However, as she got older she found she was physically able to do less and the resentment and anxiety grew to a screaming pitch.

With a lot of gentle but powerful work with hypnotherapy we were able to release that old belief and replace it with something that P had never felt before – self worth. She began to speak up for herself and ask her husband to tidy up after himself.

It took a little bit of effort for him to change his ways, but change his ways he did as he could see what a huge difference it was making to his wife.

He even created a special space just for P in their home where she could sit and relax and keep as tidy as she likes it to be!



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