Relax in gentle hypnosis and enjoy a fascinating journey back in to a past life with past life regression.
Explore another time, another place. Discover who you’ve lived as before. Maybe recognise people then that live with you now.
The curiosity value itself is immeasurable, but just imagine the strength of healing that could be achieved in a past life regression if you’ve carried an issue over from lifetime to lifetime. Imagine how uplifting that knowledge and understanding would be. Imagine the freedom of losing the weariness of carrying that unwanted burden for so long!

In addition to training with Brian Weiss, Marie is also fully trained and certified by the Michael Newton Institute, which is globally the most recognised and authentic body in this highly specialised area of Regression hypnotherapy and is bound by it’s strict code of ethics.

  • Newton Institute Recognised Coach
  • Member of the Newton Institute Appointment Review Committee
  • Member of the Newton Institute Marketing Committee


“It’s been seven months since I saw you for my past life regression and my life is unrecognisable. I experienced changes almost immediately following the session—you helped me release blocks I had held onto my whole life.  Let me explain…

“For hidden within are memories of your life as a soul, between incarnations, your life with soul friends and family, planning your future lives on earth.”      – Dr. Michael Newton

I was surprised in the session to spend some time on a fear of pregnancy and motherhood. I honestly didn’t realise I had felt that way until we went back to a past life where all I wanted was to study and write and having a child severely limited my options. In this life, I had resented my child during the pregnancy but then come to love him fiercely as I raised him. I resented my husband trapping me in a domestic life where I couldn’t use my intellect. I resented my parents. I resented society. I died an old woman, addicted to laudanum and completely numb to herself and the world. 

When I left the session, so many things made sense – my constant anxiety about falling pregnant, thinking a baby would ‘ruin’ my life, the endometriosis I had developed, how long it took me to meet my husband, my fear of writing and my constant changing of university degrees. I felt my soul had been starving in this previous life and in this life I found myself at a buffet. Quite simply I was overwhelmed and trying to ‘taste’ every experience I could before my time at the table was up.

I left your office no longer afraid of writing or children. I signed up for an online journalism course and I fatefully told my husband I was open to the idea of having a family sooner than we had planned. We still wanted to be careful but my thinking had changed from ‘one day’ to ‘one day soon’. The very next cycle I had after I saw you, I fell pregnant entirely by accident. We were a little scared but I was actually thrilled. Every day I spoke to that life within me, amazed and delighted that it had turned up.

Then, in November, I had a miscarriage. For a few months I felt lost and depressed. But then, one night, I felt the overwhelming urge to write about it. I poured a glass of wine, opened my laptop and wrote an article. That night, for the very first time, I submitted my work to a publisher – and Mamamia bought it the very next day. That little baby who never was, helped me to realise my greatest dream. Since then, I have had four articles published in online publications and print magazines and am making moves to leave my finance job for journalism in the next three months. My husband is going well and he is so supportive.

Before I met you, I was afraid. Afraid of being a mum. Afraid of being a writer and using my voice. You helped me become fully open to my life—to all the beauty and all the pain I could experience. I held so much of myself back before my past life regression and now I am so much more authentically myself.” 

“Thank you Marie, for holding the energy for our organization in Brisbane.”      – Peter Smith, President of The Michael Newton Institute.

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