Free Yourself From Depression

Are you fed up with being weighed down with what feels like the weight of the world on your shoulders?
Are you tired of the continual battle against lethargy, sadness and of constantly asking yourself, “is it all worth the effort, what’s the point?”
One visit could change your life……..
Escape depression’s dense fog.
Rediscover happiness and reasons to live.
Learn to look forward once again, with joy and positivity.

“When I first decided to make an appointment with Marie for hypnotherapy I was depressed and probably close to a breakdown. After the first hypnotherapy appointment with Marie there is no other way to describe the outcome but “amazing” – it was like flicking a switch! Marie helped me detach from feelings of hurt, betrayal and grieving which I had been distressed with for months. After my second session of hypnotherapy in which Marie worked on my self-confidence, my personal life and career have taken an extraordinary turn for the better and my feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence have improved significantly. I feel in total control of my life and powering ahead! I can’t thank Marie enough for her help and ongoing support. Thanks again! ” 

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