Allow Self Confidence, Self Esteem And Motivation To Become Big Players In Your Life

Had enough of that feeling of not being quite good enough, or just not focused enough,  to achieve your dreams?

Maybe you have a very clear idea of how you wish to live your life, or maybe just a strong sense that now is the time for change.

To leave all the frustration and disappointment behind you.  To move forward with clarity and renewed energy, focussing on all of your own unique talents and abilities.  Becoming very aware of just how worthy you – yes you! – are of exploring and experiencing all of the wonders of this life.

Learn to love yourself and reap the rewards!

“I know Marie Benton in a personal and professional capacity. We have been students together in various hypnotherapy courses, and she has also treated me for a medical condition using Reiki and hypnotherapy with rapid and long lasting success. To be able to treat a colleague whilst continuing a friendship is not easy as sometimes the two areas can conflict. Marie was able to do both. She has genuine empathy for her clients without becoming overwhelmed by their sometimes very complex life issues. She is honest about all aspects of her treatment including pricing, the number of treatments needed and the chances of success. Marie treats a wide variety of issues including diagnosed medical conditions such as depression and obesity, lifestyle issues such as stress, and all addictions ranging from smoking to heroin addiction. I have no hesitation in recommending that you walk into her clinic and talk to her about a hypnotherapy or Reiki treatment. You will meet a warm and professional person who will make a difference in your life.” 

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