Gain Control Of All Unnecessary Anxiety And Stress

Being sucked lower and lower into that downward spiral of continual stress and anxiety?  Spiralling out of control, and the more you try to keep that stress and anxiety in perspective the deeper the spiral gets?

Take back that control – NOW!

Let me relieve you of all unwanted stress and anxiety for good, releasing that old habit and replacing it with newfound strength and resolve  to always handle every situation, however difficult, in a calm,  rational way.

Learn to exercise controlled caution as opposed to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Enrich your life with peace and harmony, and enjoy achieving all your goals.

Recognise your true self worth.

“I’ve known Marie Benton for almost four years.  When I first met her I was a fragmented person trying, without success, to keep my life together.  There were unresolved childhood issues which still haunted me, the sudden death of my sister and major depression.  Marie started treating me with Reiki, progressing on to regular treatments of both Reiki and hypnotherapy.  I found Reiki instantly helpful in dealing with my grief.  It helped to release all my negative feelings and to relax.  The hypnotherapy helped me be positive and to see some hope for myself.  Marie gently guided me through a lot of issues, to reach out with courage, to believe in myself, to embrace life.  Much has changed for me through Marie.  I am happy, I feel strong and positive now, with a bright world for me to be part of.  Marie has also been a great influence and support in my return to work after many years.  I am fortunate indeed to have met Marie.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to other people who wish to improve, change or deal with life’s issues and grow as a result.” 

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