The Art of Quitting Smoking With Hypnotherapy

Nov 2013

Quit Smoking with Marie Benton, Clinical Hypnotherapist BrisbaneIt’s no mean feat to quit smoking.  Many have tried before you and many will try after.  To quit smoking permanently without hypnosis is like trying to extinguish a raging fire with a child’s water pistol.  To quit smoking permanently with hypnotherapy is like turning that water pistol into the largest water cannon you could ever imagine, with a never ending supply.

Smoking is not only one of life’s most addictive habits, but it’s also one of the most socially acceptable habits – and it kills!  So there is a great paradox surrounding smoking.  One the one hand you can find somewhere to indulge in a cigarette practically anywhere, but on the other hand you can be aware of advertisements and billboards screaming at us that smoking damages our health.

So it’s no wonder that I see so many people here in my clinic in Brisbane that seem to be rather confused about quitting smoking.  They know that it’s unhealthy and expensive, but they also know that it’s an integral part of their social life that they have just not been able to let go of.

When deciding to quit smoking for good it’s a good idea to write down all the reasons to quit smoking and all the reasons to not quit smoking.  Of course, the first list will heavily outweigh the second, but that’s not enough to quit, although you’re unsure why.  There’s still something else.

When we try to identify that elusive ‘something else’ ourselves we come up against a brick wall.  Even if we know why we started smoking in the first place we’re unable to make sense of why we continue to do so against our will.  It’s like the smoking habit has some sort of control or hold over us that we just don’t understand.

The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it breaks through the wall and reveals that ‘something else’ in all of it’s glory.  Once this happens the remainder of the wall comes tumbling down and releases the hidden hook that has anchored in that old smoking habit so tightly for so long.  The old way of being just floats away, leaving a clear path through the ruins of the wall to allow you to move forward in the way that you choose, quitting smoking and becoming a permanent non-smoker with no cravings.

Just experiencing hypnotherapy is very pleasant and relaxing. Placing yourself in the hands of a highly trained clinical hypnotherapist at the same time, knowing they have the expertise to help you quit smoking for good, is doubly beneficial.  Enjoyment and healing all rolled into one.