Anxiety And Stress Brisbane

Aug 2018

Sadly, anxiety and stress are huge factors in the lives of so many people that live and work in Brisbane, and, indeed, globally.

It often creeps up on us slowly and covertly, so that by the time we recognise all the negative effects created by anxiety and stress, we are so firmly entwined with it that it feels like it’s strangling us.

The problem is that we tend to explain away the first tendencies of anxiety and stress as just being part of our every day lives, whether that may be a busy lifestyle at home or at work or both, dealing with difficult family members, friends or colleagues. Sometimes we simply can’t explain it at all. It’s just there, and if we don’t do something about it the symptoms just gets worse.

It may start with feelings or beliefs such as doubting oneself, not being good enough, unable to cope and then moving on to include physical discomforts such as tension, tightness, pain, shortness of breath. In a very short space of time we can have the manifestation of full blown anxiety and stress.

Here at my practice in Brisbane I fully endorse treating anxiety and stress in a number of ways. This includes not only introducing different strategies to help alleviate the symptoms, but to firstly address the cause of the symptoms, even if it’s not initially clear when those symptoms were created. There are no band aids in my office.

Anxiety and stress have been proven to be key contributors to serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, etc. It is essential to keep them under control in order to live a healthy life, both physically and emotionally. How do we do that?

Well, firstly, it is important to remember that small amounts of anxiety and stress can be acceptable. There is a big difference between awareness and preparation, and anxiety and stress. The problems start to occur when awareness and preparation go into overdrive. So it is vital to create a healthy balance. Not always easy when so many of us live such fast paced lives in big cities such as Brisbane.

If we can’t calm our lives down then we must calm our minds down, to bring things into proportion, to not over react, to find solutions to that which used to be problems. To create a healthier, happier mind and body.



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